Ubuntu on the Dell Mini 10

So I was thinking about laptops the other day.

I go to lots of conferences and sprints for work and the laptop I usually have is a MacBook Pro. Its a nice laptop, its great for doing work on and its my main workstation when home. However, its a bitch to lug around on airplanes and can run a bit hot on my lap when I’m using it at conferences.

This week in Ottawa, there is a lot of boxing day sales, so I ran out with Liam and got a Dell Mini 10 netbook with those Intel Atom processors. When I got home and finally put liam to bed. I cracked open the box and put Ubuntu on it.

So far so good, the sound works, the network works, and everything works. However the keyboard is a bit small from what I use to but it is a netbook.

December 27, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Kelvin Nicholson replied:

    That’s always a problem for me: big fingers and small keyboards don’t mix.

  2. rickspencer3 replied:

    I got myself and each of my two kids a mini 10v for xmas this year. I am running Lucid on my, and Karmic on the kiddies’. These computers are quite wonderful. Note that I ordered them from the Dell small business web site, so I could get the processor and the memory upgraded. Of course I spent the extra $40 each to get sweet colors for the kids.

  3. Peter Cannon replied:

    Have been running Karmic on mine since the 9.10 release. TBH Ubuntu seems to be the best in respect of the touchpad which is a bit of a pain to get comfortable with.

    I’m lucky in that I don’t have sausage fingers đŸ™‚

  4. Daniel T Chen replied:

    Battery life should be improving, too. I’ve been working on powerdown fixes for the HDA codec families, so if you suspend-to-ram you should be able to save an additional 0.5W. Some bleeps and bloops down the road but all in good time…

  5. Tom replied:

    I got a mini 10v for my other half for Christmas… running 9.10 UNR on it, how is the touchpad for you?

    I keep having to disable the bottom part of it due it affecting the ability to click the mouse buttons.

    Seems to be fixed here:

    Although I still see this on a later version… how is it for you?

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