Ouch…that has to hurt!

Recently at UDS in Dallas, the Ubuntu Server Team had  a suggestion about little annoying things that users wanted  fixed. Taking a page from the desktop this turned into the Ubuntu Server Papercuts project.

So the things that we are focusing on for the project are the small little things. Things like:

  • Cron Job spamming root
  • Low hanging fruit
  • Minor annoyances for the sysadmin that keep them up at night

Remember the bug should be easily fixable, things like implement ipv6 for foo is obviously not a papercut. To nominate a bug for the papercuts project the process is the following:

  1. If the papercut isn’t already filed as an Ubuntu bug in Launchpad, go here.
  2. Look up the bug you want to nominate as a Server papercut, then click on “Also affects project”.
  3. Click “Choose another project” and type in “server-papercuts”, click “Continue”.
  4. Click on “Add to Bug report”.

When the bug list starts to fill up we will go through it and review them. But remember (from wikipedia):

A drop of ‘liquid bandage‘ or equivalent onto a paper cut can seal the skin to stop pain as well as prevent further opening of the wound (as is common on a location such as a finger).

January 26, 2010. Uncategorized.

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