Openstack Cactus Release

Congratulations to the Openstack development team for releasing Nova 2011.2, Glance 2011.2 and Swift 1.3.0 this morning. The release notes contain a list of features that are found in the cactus release of nova, swift, and glance.

Openstack is still the new cloud on the block, it is providing lots of new cool features that users will enjoy. Also it has gotten a lot of publicity over the past couple of months in the twitter and blog sphere. For me, the features that I like the best in this release are the ability to use live migration and LXC. Live migration allows the system administrator to move VM from server to server. LXC support is also important because its a lightweight technology that is up and coming as well. The release schedule is also great because it is basically the same as Ubuntu, so the latest release of Ubuntu will also have the latest release of Openstack as well. However, like all open source projects it is going to have its growing pains which I have no doubt that they are going to work through them.

Ubuntu users can use Openstack using the upcoming Natty Narwhal release. The packages were uploaded this morning a couple of hours after the cactus release so it will be in the archive soon. It just so happens that the beta2 just happened to be released yesterday as well. So please help find bugs before we release the final version at the end of the month. If you need VMs to run openstack my suggestion is that you use the UEC images since they are compatible with Openstack as well.

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