Ubuntu Server Dailies – Baked Fresh right to your door.

Have you ever wanted to use the latest upstream sources but couldn’t?

Have you ever wanted to help upstream developers or even Ubuntu developers test the latest version of Samba but did not know how?

Well now you can. I am pleased to introduce Ubuntu Server Dailies. Basically the idea came out of a session at UDS in Dallas. The Ubuntu Server Team wanted to provide a way for users to try the latest upstream versions  like Samba, MySQL, and Apache in order for users to try the latest versions before they become available in Ubuntu. Also it allows the Ubuntu Server Team to interact with upstream better by reporting bugs in their software that our users find.

We started off with Samba because according to Launchpad, it has the most number of bugs open. I have packaged the v3-4-test branch from the Samba git tree in the Ubuntu Server Edgers PPA which is here. It is basicalterday.ly Samba 3.4.6 right now since it was released yesterday.

In the coming days and weeks we hope to add more upstream projects such as MySQL, Apache, and even puppet.

If you are eager to try it out, give it a try and please let me know if there is any bugs that you find by reporting them in launchpad by tagging the bugs as “samba-edge”.

On a totally unrelated note, Canada beat Russia 7-3 in Mens Olympic Hockey…Wooohoo!!

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Apport for Ubuntu Server

In order to get more information from Ubuntu Server users a bunch of server packages have apport hooks added. These include samba, openssh, php, dhcp3, ntp, and vmbuilder.

For example, when submitting a bug report samba you can now run the “ubuntu-bug samba” command. It will ask you a series of questions based of if you are running a server or a client.

However, we still need help creating more apport hooks for the server. The list can be found at the wiki. The documentation for Apport can be found at the Ubuntu Wiki. And finnaly an example of an apport hook in a Ubuntu Server package, can be found here.

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