Openstack on Ubuntu – an update.

It has been a while since I posted anything on this blog, but rest assured like the rest of the Ubuntu Server Team has been very busy trying to get Quantal out of the door. So with respect to Openstack what have we been doing?

Folsom Release on Ubuntu 12.10

So a couple of days ago, Thierry Carrez, the OpenStack Release Manager, announced that the Folsom release of the Openstack project was available. This includes projects such as Nova, Swift, Quantum, Glance, Keystone, Horizon, and Cinder. After the Ubuntu Beta2 was released, the Folsom release of Openstack was packaged for Ubuntu 12.10. The supported projects that will be included in the Quantal release of Openstack will be the same as it was in Precise but 2 new upstream projects will be supported. These two projects were created with the intention of simplifying nova, and allowing those with most expertise focus on specific areas. These projects are called Cinder (block storage) and Quantum (SDN). Please see the release notes for any gotchas that you might have. Please test and report bugs to the usual places.

Foslom release on Ubuntu 12.04

What I am more excited about is that you can now run Folsom on Ubuntu 12.04. In the past you would have to request a back port of a specific piece of software through the Ubuntu Backporters Team, or some volunteer would back port an entire release through a PPA. Neither of these are usually formally supported by Canonical.  When the Ubuntu Cloud Archive was  announced a couple of weeks ago,  we can release the latest version of  Openstack for users who want the stability of an LTS release  but need a newer version of Openstack for their cloud. In the future,  newer releases and updates of Openstack will be back ported to the Ubuntu Cloud Archive as well.

In order to have stability with the Ubuntu Cloud Archive we follow very much like the Stable Release Process, there are two types of “pockets”: a proposed pocket and an updates pocket.  The “proposed”  pocket will have back ports that are ready for the community to test and report bugs. The “updates” pocket will be finished product of the community testing.

If you want to help out with the testing and reporting of bugs on your 12.04 servers,  you will want the following in your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb precise-proposed/folsom main

If you just want to install the latest version of Openstack on your 12.04 servers, you will want the following in your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb precise-updates/folsom main

Please report any bugs that you discover on launchpad as well. In the coming months, we will be making it easier to use Openstack on both newer releases of Ubuntu and back porting those changes to 12.04 users as well.

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