Openstack Essex on 12.04

A couple of minutes ago the “Essex”  was released by Thierry Carrez a couple of minutes ago. This is a great step forward because it offers more stability and features for Openstack Users. As a result of the release, we now have “Essex” final packages for 12.04. This list includes:

  • nova-2012.1
  • python-novaclient-2012.1
  • glance-2012.1
  • keystone-2012.1
  • python-keystoneclient-2012.1
  • horizon-2012.1
  • quantum-2012.1
  • python-quantumclient-2012.1
  • swift-1.4.7

Congratulations and thanks to the Openstack community for releasing such an important piece of cloud infrastructure. Also thanks to all the users that provide bug reports, testing, comments, and feedback to the Openstack community as well. However it is not finished for Ubuntu since we have an important LTS release coming up pretty quickly. So back to work for me!

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