Ubuntu Server Team Meeting

Review Action Points from Previous Meeting

The actions were assigned at the previous meeting:

Action: smoser to publish karmic cloud image refresh (done) Action: Everyone: update status for your specs before the meeting starts (few left to do) Action: ttx, zul to blog about papercuts, make sure UWN gets the word (done) Action: ttx to send email about criteria and nomination to ubuntu-devel, ubuntu-server Action: smoser to raise thread about the no-ramdisk / -virtual config tradeoff (done) Action: zul, kirkland to unassign themselves from “maybe working on one day” bugs (done)

Alpha3 subcycle planning

Work Items for Alpha 3

Everything that’s marked ‘medium’ or high is fairly sure to make it into ‘alpha3’. ‘Low’ priority specs are targets of opprotunities and we’ll do our best to get as many of those done as possible. Please note there’s not been much change on this week but we pretty much expect it to be stable now.

No questions were raised in the discussion

Spec Review

A general status review was performed for specifications that were considered to be a “high” priority that are < 30%. The specifciations that were reviewed were:

  • server-lucid-apport-hooks
  • server-canonical-application-support
  • server-lucid-seeds
  • server-lucid-uec-testing
  • server-lucid-ec2-config

jib raised the point that if you have anything you need f2f time with the team or others on the platform team, make sure your code’s in a shape to get cracking staight away on monday.

Server Papercuts

Now that project has been announced, we have 4 external papercut members, and 18 nominations so far. The next step is to discuss measurable objectives on how we should approach the papercuts. After much discussion, Thierry proposed that we review the papercuts proposals in the next meeting. It should be quick +1 round.

ACTION: ttx to announce papercuts nominations

Apport Hooks

zul provided an update on the current status and the next steps. zul mentioned that the php5 apport hook is complete, and the eucalyptus apport hook has been updated. However, there has not been any community contributions yet.

ACTION: zul to do another call to action for the apport hooks involvement

PHP 5.3 for Luicd

zul brought up in the meeting that Debian is moving to php version 5.3.1 for Debian Stable. It is currently in experimental and in the process to moving to Debian Unstable. zul mentioned that his preference is to stay with 5.2 since PHP applications that we care about (such as media wiki and drupal 5 still dont support PHP 5.3). Daivey asked if I have thought about what to with the “short tag” depreciation and mentioned that upstream is shipping with it by default. After much discussion about security, what it breaks, and to have it in backports the idea was to send an email to ubuntu-devel to get a wider variety of opinnons.

ACTION: zul to raise php5.3 update on -server and -devel mailinglist, outline which apps are currently not working with 5.3

Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team

Soren had perfrormed a UDW class on server automation which was great! Soren also mentioned that the PPA builds have been moved to a team PPA, so more people are being notified of build failures. He is also working on getting more of the qa-regression-testing run on a daily basis. As well as automated ISO testing will be moved to the DC

No other questions were raised for Soren.

Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team

A summary of launchpad bug 494565 was done by jjohansen. Jjohansen mentioned that the kernel team has changed the suggest configs to builtin (virto, virtnet, and 1 scsi). It booted in limited testing. Test images are available or you could have wait for the next kernel upload, (which is expected to be on friday). There is some concern that configs change will change the behavior so we need wider testing. It was noted that these changes were reasonably risk free but there is still some concern.

Assigned and to-be-assigned bugs

List at http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/team-assigned/canonical-server-assigned-bug-tasks.html were cleaned up by kirkland and zul.

However there are new bugs there that has to be confirmed and triaged.

Weekly SRU review

List at http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server-team/fixedbugs.ubuntu-server.latest.html

The following bugs were nominated: #462172, #480152, #502878, #500457, #504897

Open Discussion

Nothing was raised in the open discussion.

Agree on next meeting date and time

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, Feb 11 at 14:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.

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